Brighter Cornwall

Information for Students

Brighter Cornwall is for degree students studying their 1st degree who’ve lived in Cornwall for 3 years prior to starting it.

‘Begin with the end in mind ‘

Because we know that employers value work experience so highly, Brighter Cornwall is offering paid undergraduate placements to help you* get some!

‘In this highly competitive market, new graduates who’ve not had any work experience have little or no chance of landing a well paid job with a leading employer, irrespective of the University they’ve attended and the academic results they achieve’

Martin Birchall, MD, High Fliers Research

Brighter Cornwall offers supported networking opportunities where we can help you meet potential employers and generate your own work experience opportunities. You’ll become more familiar with the types of employers there are in Cornwall and the jobs they offer graduates.

If you want to get a placement, or attend one of the networking events, register here. You’ll find the work experience placements advertised here and our events schedule can be found here . Once you’ve registered, we will also let you know what is available and when by email and text.

Why get work experience?

If you were an employer, and you had to choose between the following graduates…..:

Candidate A:


Candidate B:

CV 2

Candidate C:


…..Who would you choose?

It’s a no-brainer. You go with the experience. Why? Employers take a risk when they take on a fresh graduate because it’s expensive to train and equip you to be effective. They dramatically reduce this risk if they pick graduates who can demonstrate this determination and back it up with real experience. Whilst your degree is incredibly valuable and will help you secure work more easily than someone who does not have one, a graduate with relevant work experience will always be a safer bet.

What counts as work experience?

Whether you work in an unskilled job or take an opportunity to explore the industry sector you’re interested in, all work experience counts! Any experience will give you the opportunity to develop transferrable skills that will be useful when it comes to securing a long-term position, and offers valuable additions to a CV. When thinking about career options, relevant, recent experience is even more valuable.

 *Undergraduate eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the support provided by Brighter Cornwall, a student must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be starting or have started their first degree course (any university or College is allowable)
  • Studied their A Levels or equivalent FE qualifications in Cornwall OR have been resident in Cornwall for 3 years prior to commencing their degree
  • Be committed to continuing their studies to complete their degree